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FreewareONLY offers totally free software utilities for programmers, designers and computer novices. We provide a variety of freeware from hands-free picture viewers, slide shows, picture cataloger and automatic web surfing utilities—great for sites with thumbnail pictures—to tools for editing, merging, renaming, comparing files, a spam blocking email encoder, bulk emailer, plus much more. 100% Malware FREE. Our software does NOT contain Spyware, Adware, Viruses, trojans, or any malicious code.

Categories: Web | Picture Viewing | File Management | Desktop | Screen Savers

Web Tools

EasyAscii is a utility for determining the Decimal and Hex numeric equivalents within the ASCII character set, and encoding email for spam blocking. More->>

MiniPick is a color picker used for creating and translating colors. With MiniPick you can create or view colors in several modes including RGB, HSV, HTML, Hex, Long, and VBHex, as well as grab any color from your screen and use it in your work. More->>

WebMaster is a utility for manipulating Internet Explorer (IE) and storing and using URLs. WebMaster can provide easy, hands-free surfing of URLs—great for sites with thumbnail pictures. More->>

WhoDat lets you determine if a domain name (DNS) is registered, and by whom, by making it easy to use the “WhoIs” command. You can also get official internet time and adjust you computer to match it with WhoDat. More->>

Picture Viewing Tools

MiniView allows you to view pictures in several different ways including by date, by file size, by file name or even randomly. It's perfect for unattended, hands-free picture viewing no matter how many pictures you have. It also has an "emergency exit" so you can end the slide show in an instant. More->>

TinyShow is a utility for viewing picture files including bmp, gif, ico, iff, jpg, pcx, pgm, pict, png, psd, sgi, tga, tif, and wmf. You can open the TinyShow interface or simply drag-drop files or a folder containing files onto the TinyShow icon to view them. More->>

File Management Tools

EasyEdit is a full-featured text and programmer’s editor with features found on expensive editors like multiple languages syntax highlighting, brace matching, keystroke macros, commenting/uncommenting, line numbering, bookmarks, etc. You can edit virtually as many documents as you wish simultaneously. EasyEdit Comes with MiniPick and EasyAscii built in. More->>

CompareAll lets users compare almost any kind of files at the byte level. It is particularly useful if you happen to have a lot of pictures; you can easily determine which ones are the same. More->>

MiniCat allows you to sort, catalog and view pictures files. Using a simple, thumbnail view, point-n-click interface, MiniCat lets you create and use organized directories for holding your pictures—great for downloading and sorting pictures from the internet. More->>

MiniMerge a utility for merging multiple files (text based). You can open the interface or simply drag-drop files or a folder containing files onto the miniMerge icon to create a single, merged file. More->>

MiniNamer is a bulk file renaming utility that is typically used for renaming folders full of files. For example, if you download a lot of pictures from the Internet, you may have a lot of files that are different, but which have the same name. MiniNamer helps by renaming your files numerically, including user-specified prefixes and suffixes. More->>

Desktop Tools

CasterOil is a utility for managing and downloading Podcasts (sometimes called DataCasts). You can maintain multiple Podcast Feeds, as well as any number of stored Podcasts whether they were retrieved with CasterOil or something else. More->>

ChatterBox is a LAN instant message/chat program designed for use in small, locally contained networks like what you may have at home or in a small business. More->>

EasyMag magnifies areas of your desktop, and captures screenshots and color information in four different formats (RGB, Long, Hex, and VBHex). After zooming into any area of your screen (under the cursor), you can take a snapshot of either the entire screen or just the zoomed-in area. More->>

GameKeyDisabler allows you to disable specific keys on your keyboard during game play. This eliminates the possibility of hitting the Windows key (for example) and interrupting your game. More->>

MiniInfo MiniInfo is a utility for accessing some of the more commonly requested information about your PC. More->>

MiniMail is a bulk email program that is used for sending email to groups of people. With MiniMail you can maintain multiple email lists, each with it’s own mail message (in plain text or HTML), and list of contacts. You can keep lists for social clubs, co-workers, friends and family. MiniMail is NOT to be used for commercial purposes or spamming. More->>

StickIt is for creating "sticky notes" on your desktop. You can create up to 20 notes of different sizes, colors and text. Each note can have it's own alarm that you set for a specific date and time, or a countdown style alarm. More->>

WallpaperCountdown lets users add text to their desktop screen background as well as an automatic day countdown. More->>

Screen Savers

LogoSaver is a floating picture screen saver that uses a picture you specify and bounces it around your screen. More->>

MiniSaver is a screen saver for viewing picture files including bmp, gif and jpg as a variable-speed slide show. You can make MiniSaver your Screen Saver from the Display Control Panel. More->>

RainSaver is a screen saver that simulates rainfall on your screen. Play with all the settings to see what can happen! You can make RainSaver your Screen Saver from the Display Control Panel. More->>

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